EEG Session 15: Guitar Improvisation

This page contains the data and analysis of a brain wave recording session I did using a Muse Gen 1 EEG Headband.

Session Characteristics

  • 02/11/2023, 17:55
  • During this session I was playing guitar, improvising over a backing track.
  • Unfortunately, the signal noise from the Back sensors (TP9, TP10) was too high, so the EEG data was discarded.
  • In any other circumstance, I would have discarded this session altogether and not included it online.
  • However, there was a brief moment when I was playing where I was able to achieve a brief flow state, and think it’s important to show what that looks like even if it’s just from the Front sensors (AF7, AF8).

Front Sensors (AF7, AF8, Smoothed Out)

  • Flow state happened at around 6:08 PM.
  • During this moment, notice how there is an increase in dominance of theBetaand Gamma.
  • What distinguishes this as being a real flow state from the moment at around 06:04 PM is that the flow state was not accompanied by an increase inDeltawaves.

Absolute Average Values (All Sensors)

  • Due to noisy back sensors during this session, no absolute values will be shown.

Brainwave Lateralization

Due to noisy back sensors during this session, no brainwave lateralization data will be shown.

Center of Gravity

Due to noisy back sensors during this session, no centers of gravity will be shown.

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