EEG Session 16: Idling, Sleeping, Awakening

This page contains the data and analysis of a brain wave recording session I did using a Muse Gen 1 EEG Headband.

Session Characteristics

  • 03/11/2023, 19:59
  • During this session, I was sitting down on the floor with my back against the closet, just doing nothing. I should mention that I was a bit depressed that day.
  • Then, I got sleepy in the middle of the session, fell asleep, and started dreaming.
  • Finally, I woke up.
  • I should mention I was very lucky to capture this EEG session because when I woke up from my sleep, I did it in a unique way, both objectively and subjectively.
    • Objectively: The simplest way to explain it is as waking up in slow motion — I took about 20-30 seconds to slowly, but continuously, open my eyes and tilt my head back up again.
    • Subjectively: Simultaneously, I was feeling like I was in a dream-like, otherworldly, mystical state.

All Sensors

  • All three parts of the session can be clearly identified in the graph below.
  • Sitting down while doing nothing occurs up until 08:05:30 PM. Three frequency bands are formed, withAlphadominating,Beta,Theta,andDeltaforming a middle band, andGammaisolated in the bottom.
  • Falling asleep and starting to dream happened between 08:05:30 and 08:08:15, whereBetaandGammastarted to gradually rise in dominance, while the other frequency bands remained stable.
  • From 08:08:15 onwards, my strange awakening occurred and there was a continuation of theBetaandGammarise, being this the part of the session where these two frequency bands achieve their highest dominance levels. At the same time,Alpha,ThetaandDeltadrop in dominance.
    • I speculate that what I experienced was a mirrored version of lucid dreaming — instead of being awake during a dream, my mind was still dreaming while I was already awake.
    • This would explain why my subjective experience was very dream-like.
    • This would also explain whyBetaandGamma continued exhibiting the same behavior while I was sleeping and dreaming.

A Closer Look At the Awakening

  • Looking closely at the unique awakening part, we can see that there is a lot ofBetaandGammaactivation in the front part of the brain (Front-Left and Front-Right), with the Front-Right (AF8) having the highest energy levels for those two frequency ranges.
  • It is very uncommon for the Front-Right (AF8) quadrant to have even higherBetaandGammaactivation than the Front-Left (AF7). When this happens, it’s associated with some sort of unusual experience.
  • At the Back-Right and Back-Left quadrants,Betastill shows a high dominance, oscillating between first and second place.
  • Therefore, overall highBeta dominance was observed across all parts of the brain, which is something I haven’t recorded in any other session.

Absolute Average Values (Whole Session, All Sensors)

  • Alphaaverage:59 dB
  • Betaaverage: 47 dB
  • Thetaaverage: 44 dB
  • Deltaaverage: 42 dB
  • Gammaaverage: 26 dB

Percentual Average Values (Whole Session, All Sensors)

  • Alphaaverage: 37%
  • Betaaverage: 21%
  • Thetaaverage: 18%
  • Deltaaverage: 17%
  • Gammaaverage: 8%

Brainwave Lateralization

Center of Gravity

For reference: the circle marks the central area of the brain. Activity inside it is more central and symmetrical; outside is more asymmetrical.

  • Delta’s center of gravity was located in the CenterRight-Back quadrant.
  • Theta’scenter of gravity was located in the Center-Back quadrant.
  • Alpha’scenter of gravity was located in the Center-Back quadrant.
  • Beta’scenter of gravity starts in the Center-Back quadrant and moves towards a more Symmetrical position over time, represented by the circle.
  • Gamma’scenter of gravity also starts in the Center-Back quadrant and moves towards a Symmetrical position over time, represented by the circle.
    • In fact, by the end of the session (i.e. during the unique awakening experience)Gamma’scenter of gravity pretty much reaches the center of the circle, achieving perfect symmetry across all quadrants. Is this kind of quadrant balance a key behind my subjective experience? I’m not sure at this point.
    • This type of movement towards symmetry over time is not something I have observed in other sessions so far.

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