EEG Session 30: Beta Audiovisual Entrainment

This page contains the data and analysis of a brain wave recording session I did using a Muse Gen 1 EEG Headband.

Session Characteristics

  • 19/11/2023, 16:30
  • During this session, I was testing aBetaAudiovisual Brainwave Entrainment track I created.
  • I was listening to the track with my eyes open.

All Sensors

  • As usual,Alphadominates, but not as much as when my eyes are closed. Therefore,Alphaappears less separated from the frequencies below.
  • Similar to Session 24, there is a clear gradual increase ofGammaenergy over time.
  • Betadominance is down in fourth place (instead of second place). Based on my experience with otherBetatracks, I have higher expectations in this regard. So, should I classify this track as a failure? Let’s inspect a few more things first.

Right-Back Sensor (TP10)

  • Looking at the Right-Back quadrant, some signs of entrainment can be found ✅
  • First, theGammafrequency range oscillates in a predictable sinusoidal, orderly pattern, in a way that hasn’t been observed outside any brainwave entrainment session.
  • Secondly, BetaandGammaare phase-locked, with their peaks and valleys aligned.

Front Sensors (AF7, AF8, Smoothed Out)

  • Looking at the Front-Left (AF7) and Front-Right (AF8) sensors, more interesting data can be found.
  • In both places,BetaandGamma show an upward trend while other frequency ranges decrease, are stable, or increase only slightly.
  • In the Front-Left (AF7) quadrant,Betaincreased 26% in dominance andGammaincreased 24% in dominance.
  • In the Front-Right (AF8) quadrant,Betaincreased 22% in dominance andGammaincreased 128% in dominance.
  • This, plus the previous section, scores points in favor and restores this track as a properBetaandGammaentrainment tool.

Absolute Average Values (All Sensors)

  • Alphaaverage: 52 dB
  • Deltaaverage: 44 dB
  • Thetaaverage: 41 dB
  • Betaaverage: 40 dB
  • Gammaaverage: 18 dB

Percentual Average Values (All Sensors)

  • Alphaaverage: 33%
  • Deltaaverage: 23%
  • Thetaaverage: 19%
  • Betaaverage: 18%
  • Gammaaverage: 7%

Brainwave Lateralization

Center of Gravity

For reference: the circle with the black circumference marks the central area of the brain. Activity inside it is more central and symmetrical; outside is more asymmetrical.

  • Delta’s center of gravity was located in the Center-Back quadrant.
  • Theta’scenter of gravity was located in the Center-Back quadrant.
  • Alpha’scenter of gravity was located on the Center-Back quadrant.
  • Beta’scenter of gravity starts outside of the Center-Back quadrant and moves towards the central circle over time.
  • Gamma’scenter of gravity starts outside of the Right-Back quadrant and moves towards the central circle over time.
  • Although imperfect, this moving toward the center of the circle reminds me of the very special Session 16.

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