EEG Session 31: Beta Audiovisual Entrainment

This page contains the data and analysis of a brain wave recording session I did using a Muse Gen 1 EEG Headband.

Session Characteristics

  • 19/11/2023, 21:21
  • During this session, I was testing aBetaAudiovisual Brainwave Entrainment track I created.
  • I was listening to the track with my eyes open.
  • Subjective experience: during this session, I had a creative idea 💡

All Sensors

  • As usual,Alphadominates, but not as much as when my eyes are closed. Therefore,Alphaappears less separated from the frequencies below.
  • It is uncommon to seeBetawith second-place dominance in the All Sensors section, during a session that is not focused on mental effort. Yet, that’s what we observe here. That scores some points in favor of the effectiveness of this track as an entrainment track ✅
  • There is, however, a clear decrease inBetaandGammaenergy towards the end of the session. I’ll investigate it in the next sections.
  • I should note thatBeta’ssecond-place dominance is shown in the Left and the Right Hemisphere. In the Front, it has first-place dominance, which is a rare thing to see (I think this is the first session I’ve recorded so far showing this behavior). Let’s take a closer look at those places of interest.

Front Sensors (AF7, AF8, Smoothed Out)

  • Looking at the graphs below, we can divide the session in part 1 and part 2.
  • In part 1,Betaincreases 2.6% in the Left-Front sensor (AF7) and 11% in Right-Front sensor (AF8), andGammaincreases 12% in AF7 and 5% in AF8.
  • In part 2,Betadecreases 11% in AF7 and 24% in AF8, andGammadecreases 29% in AF7 and 21% in AF8.
  • This might indicate that to achieve the best results from this track, a short duration session of about 3 minutes might be the best idea.
  • The other thing worth mentioning is that it is very unusual to haveBetaandGammain first and second places of dominance.
    • This is only the second recorded session that has these characteristics. The first one was Session 16.
    • Whenever this occurs, I experience unusual things (in this session it was a creative insight).
    • The Right-Front quadrant has been associated with creative and intuitive thinking.

Absolute Average Values (All Sensors)

  • Alphaaverage: 52 dB
  • Betaaverage: 43 dB
  • Thetaaverage: 41 dB
  • Deltaaverage: 39 dB
  • Gammaaverage: 24 dB

Percentual Average Values (All Sensors)

  • Alphaaverage: 32%
  • Betaaverage: 22%
  • Thetaaverage: 19%
  • Deltaaverage: 18%
  • Gammaaverage: 9%

Brainwave Lateralization

Center of Gravity

For reference: the circle with the black circumference marks the central area of the brain. Activity inside it is more central and symmetrical; outside is more asymmetrical.

  • Delta’s center of gravity was located in the CenterRight-Back quadrant.
  • Theta’scenter of gravity was located in the CenterRight-Back quadrant.
  • Alpha’scenter of gravity was located on the Center-Back quadrant.
  • Beta’scenter of gravity starts at the Back border of the circle, and moves towards the middle over time, towards almost perfect Symmetry.
  • Gamma’scenter of gravity starts in the middle of the central circle (Symmetry) and over time moves toward its Front-Right border, which is a quadrant that rarely has any gravitational pull for me.

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