EEG Session 7: Watching True Detective + Sleep

This page contains the data and analysis of a brain wave recording session I did using a Muse EEG Headband.

Session Characteristics

  • 24/10/2023, 21:07
  • During this session, I was watching EP01S01 of True Detective.
  • At around 9:30 PM I fell asleep.

All Sensors (Smoothed Out)

  • The frequencies’ relationships from this session are not unexpected. Previous sessions that recorded relaxed states have shown a similar pattern — a low, isolatedGammafrequency, aBetain fourth place of dominance, then Delta andThetaintertwined, and finallyAlphadominating.
  • After falling asleep, the range increases —Gammagradually decreases in energy, while the slower brainwaves increase, which is expected during sleep.

Front Sensors (AF7, AF8)

  • Looking at the Front-Left sensor (AF7) and the Front-Right sensor (AF8), some deviations from the graph above are found.
  • In AF7, the frequencies’ relationships are still similar, but with the difference being thatBetahas second-place dominance instead. This makes sense to me, since watching a TV show is not a completely relaxed state, and still requires some mental effort to follow the plot.
  • In AF8, there is some unusual activity at around 9:22 PM, which lasts about four minutes.
    • For the first minute,BetaandGammahave a big jump in dominance, which is then replaced byDelta.
    • This likely is when I fell asleep.

Absolute Average Values (All Sensors)

  • Alphaaverage: 72 dB
  • Deltaaverage: 63 dB
  • Thetaaverage: 59 dB
  • Betaaverage: 45 dB
  • Gammaaverage: 11 dB

Percentual Average Values (All Sensors)

  • Alphaaverage: 39 %
  • Deltaaverage: 26%
  • Thetaaverage: 20 %
  • Betaaverage: 12 %
  • Gammaaverage: 3%

Brainwave Lateralization

Center of Gravity

For reference: the circle marks the central area of the brain. Activity inside it is more central and symmetrical; outside is more asymmetrical.

  • Delta’scenter of gravity was mostly located in the Center-Back quadrant.
  • Theta’scenter of gravity was focused mostly in the Center-Back quadrant.
  • Alpha’scenter of gravity was focused mostly in the Center-Back quadrant.
  • Beta’scenter of gravity was mostly located in the Back border of the central circle, gravitating somewhere between Left-Back and the Right-Center.
  • Gamma’scenter of gravity was located mostly in the central circle, starting with a pull towards the Left-Back quadrant, and then transitioning to a more central position with a slight pull to the Right, similar to Beta’s behavior.
    • This is a behavior I haven’t observed so far. Since this happened towards the end of the session, it’s safe to assume this shift happened when I started to sleep.

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