Gamma Isochronic Tones (Download)

Gamma Isochronic Tones — by producing a regular 40 Hz pulse, these tones can stimulate your brain to match this frequency. This is known as brainwave entrainment.

Gamma brainwave entrainment has been shown to:

  • Improve Alzheimer’s condition:
    • Reduce Alzheimer’s hallmarks (amyloid plaques, tau tangles), improved learning and memory in mice.
    • Combining gamma entrainment with exercise showed the best results in hallmarks reduction.
    • One-hour daily 40 Hz light and sound stimulation appears to help people with Alzheimer’s disease retain brain volume and cognitive ability.
  • Reduce anxiety.
  • Increase in cerebral blood flow.
  • Increase creativity (divergent thinking).
  • Increase attention control.
  • Improve cognitive flexibility.