High-Vibration Affirmations: An Advanced Technique

We often hear the term “high vibration” or “high frequency” in the spiritual and self-development context.

But what does that actually mean? Concretely?

I have pondered that question ever since reading Think and Grow Rich where it’s mentioned “The Ten Mind Stimuli”, through which the human mind “may be keyed up to high rates of vibration”.

Think and Grow Rich – Chapter 11

What does it mean for the mind to be keyed up to high rates of vibration?

Well, I read that concept for the first time in 2010, and I didn’t know.

But now I do.

Back then, I thought “high vibration” was something that belonged exclusively to the realm of the human mind, as the book mentions. In other words, I thought it belonged to the subjective realm. Something we felt.

But now I understand that there is also a correspondence with the objective realm — the human brain. Specifically brainwaves. Measurable, objective brainwaves.

Part 1: Brainwaves Overview

Our brainwaves vibrate from 0.5 Hz all the way up to 100 Hz. Depending on their vibration rates, they are called different names. From slow to fast, we have Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.

Each type of brainwave is associated with specific types of functions and states, but I won’t go into that in this article. What matters for now is the importance of Beta and Gamma specifically, since they’re high-vibration brainwaves.

They typically dominate more in the frontal part of the brain (the Pre-Frontal cortex), and increase when interesting things are happening — like focusing, studying, feeling some emotional arousal, and things like that.

They are also largely increased not only when interesting things are happening, but also when really interesting things are happening — like lucid dreaming, advanced meditation, being in the flow, or being in a creative state (not only has this been studied by scientists, but I have measured some of these things in myself, so I have first-hand knowledge).

So the takeaway is that it’s clear that whatever is called “high-vibration” is inevitably connected with elevated levels of Beta and Gamma.

So naturally, high-vibration affirmations must also fall under that category.

Audio Brainwave Entrainment

As a sound engineer, I have explored certain audio techniques that can affect our brainwaves. The umbrella term for those techniques is audio brainwave entrainment, but you may have heard the more popular terms such as binaural beats, isochronic tones, and click stimulation.

What all these techniques have in common is that they play sounds that repeat at certain rates in order to stimulate brainwaves that share those same rates. For instance, in click stimulation, we can play a click 40 times per second (i.e. 40 Hz) in order to stimulate our 40 Hz Gamma brainwaves.

The following image shows how the audio and the brainwaves would lock their phases.

At least, that’s the theory. So I decided to explore those audio techniques while measuring my brainwaves. During that process, not only did I find that they do influence the brainwaves, but I also found ways to make those audio tracks more effective than the ones you can easily find online.

High-Vibration Affirmations: Advanced Technique

So here’s the big enchilada —I devised a new and creative way of turning your favorite affirmations into high-frequency affirmations.

Click stimulation is the key.

I will explain it in a simplified manner.

Step 1: An affirmation is recorded as an audio file. This audio file will have a certain sound waveform.
Step 2: The affirmation is “flipped” vertically. This allows us to use it as a very unique and personalized click.
Step 3: The affirmation can then be quickly repeated, many times per second, as a form of click stimulation to boost our Beta and Gamma brainwaves.

By doing this, we would use something unique to us to create, both symbolically, but also practically, a distinctive brainwave entrainment track.

And I say practically because what affirmation is being used, how it is being said, and who is saying it will all generate a different-sounding click. This will, in turn, alter the subjective listening experience of the track.

And I say subjectively because what we’re doing is infusing the audio track with maximum symbolism and meaning, which are two fundamental pillars of what makes things come alive.

So. That’s step 1 of the advanced technique. Step two is using creating a positive feedback loop.

Positive Feedback Loop

To strengthen the efficacy of the click stimulation track, we add another layer to it — while listening to the audio, we’re simultaneously meditating on the affirmation itself, trying to feel it and visualize it.

In this state, while the audio entrainment track stimulates the increase of Beta and Gamma waves externally, you’re inducing them internally.

Since you’re receiving external help increasing your Beta and Gamma, you will be “running with the wind on your back”. With high Beta and Gamma, feeling the visualization will be easier to achieve, creating a positive feedback loop.

This is the part concerning the audio and brainwaves of this technique. You can learn more about putting it into practice at the end of this article.

Next, we examine the affirmations themselves.

Part 2: What Are the Best Affirmations?

It’s likely you arrived at this article looking for a list of high-vibration affirmations that you could choose from and that’s not what you found. So thank you for sticking around.

But now we know that high-vibration affirmations are affirmations that increase our fastest brainwaves.

For some people, those affirmations can be something like:

  • I am rich.
  • I am a radiant force of energy, joyfully attracting abundance and success into my life with every breath I take.

For others (me included), these affirmations do not resonate with them at all.

Maybe because we know that what we’re saying is not true, and that creates resistance.

Maybe because we don’t know what the words we’re saying actually mean — what is a “radiant force of energy” anyway? Those words are just something we’ve read and now are repeating because they sound superficially nice, but ultimately carry no deep meaning.

So, let’s try something different.

Drawing from first principles, my personal philosophy says that high-vibration affirmations should follow the shape of Vibration itself. The shape of the sinewave.

The shape of the sinewave has a duality comprised of a valley and a symmetrical peak.

Translating this idea into the context of affirmations, we can then introduce the duality of give/get and responsibility/right.

And with this, we have three tools to make affirmations more meaningful:

  1. They can’t feel like a lie.
  2. They must not use words and ideas that don’t have any meaning or connection to us.
  3. If possible, they should include some sort of take/give interplay.

A Practical Example

Let’s then take one of the previous affirmations and apply these tools:

First, we bring it down to Earth and make it feel less like a lie.

This iteration feels more plausible — it deals with your potential and doesn’t assert as facts things that are clearly not real.

The next step is to question if the affirmation actually has a deep connection with what we want, or if is it simply something generic we think we want. For instance, it is said that after earning $500,000 a year, happiness stops increasing. And maybe what you really want is to be happy, and having money is just a way to get there.

If what you want is to be happy, there is no reason to want to make more money than $500,000 per year. Because that’s easier to achieve than $1,000,000 a year. Also, choosing harder options beyond $500,000 means you will have to give more to get them (like time and happiness), and that might not be a trade-off you want to make.

Now we’ve made the affirmation more concrete and based on real-world data. This makes it more grounded in reality.

It is also the minimum viable condition that satisfies your wants (and not unnecessarily harder than that), so it’s more likely to be seen as more achievable, and believable.

Now comes the third tool — our affirmation already has a take (i.e. we get $500,000 a year). But what do we give?

But, what is X?

You don’t know.

The affirmation didn’t survive the take/give test.

We need to go down another level. Bring it more toward your current self, making it more useful and actionable.

Does this affirmation spark a little fire of creativity and desire to action inside you? That’s the sign that this is a good, high-vibration affirmation.

During those moments, listen to what your Unconscious mind tells you, and look for ideas that might pop up (this is where simultaneously using a click stimulation track can really help). These ideas might become the basis of an action plan towards that money.

On the other hand, if you still don’t feel any spark from the affirmation, you need to modify it further until it does. Tailor an affirmation towards whatever is causing you a blockage. For instance, if you feel no spark because “you don’t know what step to take”, you can say:

If this affirmation brings you any kind of spark, you use that creative energy to get started on finding what your next step is.

Moving Upwards the Pyramid of Affirmations

As you’ve noticed, we started with a high-level, low-resolution affirmation and kept coming down to lower-level, high-resolution affirmations, until we found one that resonated with us.

We can visualize this as a pyramid.

The mistake we make is to start all the way up and beyond the pyramid, with affirmations that are outside our current grasp or understanding. So much so, we can’t have a genuine connection with it. We can’t visualize it, we can’t believe it.

Instead of doing that, if we keep affirming something that actually corresponds to our current level of reality, we will be much more likely to reach something achievable. We receive the answers we are looking for. Then, we act on those answers. We do this until we solve our current problems.

Once that happens, we level upwards in the pyramid, requiring new affirmations.

The higher we climb (and only then) the more those initial high-level affirmations become more believable and more achievable.

The Morality Aspect (A Hidden Blockage)

Some people might not be able to feel the spark of a certain affirmation due to (sometimes unconscious) moral concerns.

When it comes to things we want for ourselves, we have been told that:

  • We should be careful what we wish for since we might just get that.
  • What we want is not always what we need.
  • Putting our ego selves first (“do what thou wilt”) is the primordial satanic impulse.
  • Some prayers are better left unanswered.

I am not going to make the mistake of telling you to ignore those concerns. In fact, I will tell you to take them seriously.

So, how to solve this blockage?

The first part, I already touched upon: the give/get duality introduces the notion of always specifying what we give (action) in return for what we get (result), to avoid the spoiled child mentality of getting something for nothing.

Getting something as a result of the effort we put in is, as a rule of thumb, a good way to avoid getting things we don’t need, that we don’t deserve, that we shouldn’t have.

The second part is adding a second duality to your affirmations — that of me/others.

In other words, specifying how my affirmations benefit me, and how will they benefit others as well.

It could look like this:

If such an affirmation gives you a warm feeling in the heart, you know it’s a good one.

Putting It Into Action

To summarize, here are the practical advice found in this article:

  1. You can improve your affirmations using my formula, to help you solve problems more easily.
  2. You can use audio brainwave entrainment tracks to facilitate that process, by boosting your Beta and Gamma brainwaves.

My free High-Vibration Affirmations guide offers both things in one package.

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This is a PDF document you can get, that has a total of 71 affirmations that follow my formula + 71 examples of pragmatic steps for each affirmation.

They cover the following 10 popular categories:

  1. Self-esteem and Confidence
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  4. Relationships:
  5. Abundance and Success:
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  7. Creativity and Expression
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Getting Your Personalized Affirmation Click Tracks

The PDF is free. But you can get personalized brainwave click stimulation tracks if you purchase the upper tiers.

Depending on the tier you purchase, you can claim up to 5 tracks, each for your most important affirmations.

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You can always purchase the higher tiers later.

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