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The NEX: Advanced Brainwave Entrainment pack is a collection of isochronic tones and audiovisual brainwave entrainment tracks created, tested, and shown to work through EEG brainwave data analysis.


Product Description

The NEX tracks are composed using advanced and dynamic audio and photic techniques, and they are tested. Not all brainwave entrainment tracks show clear signs of entrainment. When that doesn’t happen during the testing phase, they are discarded, and not included in the NEX series.


  • 3x Theta Audiovisual Tracks
  • 2x Beta Audiovisual Tracks
  • 3x Theta Isochronic Tones
  • 1x Gamma + Beta Isochronic Tones

Entrainment Evidence

Each track included in this bundle has been observed to cause entrainment effects, and you can consult these reports to understand them better:

But overall, common entrainment signs found were:

  • Gamma having an orderly, sinusoidal-like behavior in the Right-Back brain quadrant (aka Brainwave Coherence)
  • Phase-locking of Beta and Gamma in the Right-Back brain quadrant (aka Brainwave Coherence)
  • Unusual centers of gravity.
  • Increased Theta dominance over time in certain brain areas.
  • Increased Beta and Gamma dominance in certain brain areas.
  • Different subjective experiences.

Commercial Licensing Available

If you want to commercially use any of these tracks or any other track you purchase from us, you can get our lifetime Omni Commercial License.

Safety and Disclaimers

  • Videos contain flickering content.
  • You agree with the Medical Disclaimer before purchasing.

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